Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 TV Channel and Live stream Guide

This year’s Rugby World Cup 2019 will take place in Japan. For the first time, the prestigious event won’t happen in the usual and conventional soil. Rather, it will happen in Asian countries. Naturally, the diehard fans of rugby from around the world will flock the country to root for their favorite team.

Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 live

If you are in Japan, you will want to tune into the right channel to follow all the actions. For viewers in Japan, the official channels to tune are J Sports, NHK, and Nippon TV.

Japan Rugby World Cup 2019

It will be the ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup happening in the world. The festivity will happen from 20 September to 2 November. Right from the opening ceremony, opening match, and the final match will be the hypes for all the folks who are fond of rugby sport. If rugby is your thing, you will also not want to miss the opportunity to watch it right through your favorite screen.

The Rugby World Cup will involve 20 qualified teams. The total matches will be 48 matches including finals.

Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 TV Channel & Coverage

The one which broadcasts all of the 48 matches is J Sports. It is the abbreviation of the Jupiter Sports, the same company name which develops the channel. J Sports Corporation is the one which controls the group of four channels in the network. However, the channel you’d like to tune into to follow all of the actions is J Sports 1. It offers the domestic and overseas rugby events, including the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

Nippon TV is free-to-air option which broadcasts the contents for free. But you will only watch a few of them.

Meanwhile, the NHK will broadcast the selected matches including the Japan team’s matches. But it will be more focusing on the highlights, updates, and news.

How to Live Stream Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan

Your perfect option to watch Rugby World Cup 2019 live stream in Japan is by tuning into the J Sport. J Sports subscribers are lucky because they can live stream the Rugby World Cup 2019 for free without any charge. There are 4,000 hours of live sporting coverage per year provided by the J Sports networks. It is available in the SDTV and HDTV format so that you can stream the matches through your smaller to bigger screen.

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