South Africa Rugby World Cup 2019 TV Coverage & Channels

Rugby World Cup 2019 is going to start on September 20, 2019. Thus, there are a few days left. The host country is Japan. People who are in Japan would be able to enjoy the match in person but for the rest of the world, they have to stick to their TV screen or compatible devices to get access to the live coverage.

South Africa Rugby World Cup 2019

There are twenty teams participating in the Rugby World Cup 2019. There are four pools A, B, C, and D and there are five teams under each pool. In the UK, ITV has the exclusive rights for broadcasting the matches. In fact, they have the rights for the next Rugby World Cup as well.

If you are wondering about South Africa Rugby World Cup 2019 TV Coverage and information on Springboks Rugby World Cup 2019 TV rights, it would be interesting for you to know that SABC has made a recent announcement. The South African Broadcasting Commission is not going to broadcast any of the Rugby World Cup 2019 matches.

However, if you are a fan residing in the UK and have the ITV, you would be able to watch the match. For the fans residing in different corners of the world, it would be wise to check the official websites for the updated information. With technological advancement, it is now possible to get the relevant and required information within a short span of time. You can get information about the relevant TV channels in your country by searching online.

NBC Universal Channel would be for the people living in the USA. Fox Sports would be for people from different corners of the world. However, you have to visit the official websites for more and updated information.

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